Achieving Personal Potential

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Body Optimisation Calculator

Accurately measure Body Composition and calculate Personal Body & Diet Goals.

Blood Chemistry Interpretron

Securely record & Analyse Medical Blood Test Results
(Identify & treat sub-optimal values).

Compounding Calculator

Conveniently develop, dose and label Custom Nutritional Formulas.

Quantity Calculator

Calculate equivalent quantities of substances and ingredients (by weight or volume)

Lab Test Analyte Database

A database of key Lab Test Analytes (for review when selecting pathology tests)

Ingredient Database

A database of key Natural Medicine Ingredients (for review when prescribing)

Percentage Calculator

Calculate percentage values easily (for diet, ingredient, price, etc.)

Compounding 101 Course

A detailed guide covering everything a practitioner might need to know to start Nutritional Compounding in Clinical Practice.

An exploration of the key mechanisms behind food reactions,  to assist with better clinical identification and treatment.

An exploration of current stool microbiome testing technologies, and the clinical insights they can each provide for changing patient outcomes.


An in-depth overview of this often poorly understood, yet biologically important nutrient, to assist confident and optimised prescribing.

Nutrient Dosing Guide

Understand the different quantities that various nutrients are dosed in clinically.

Periodic Table Chart

Reference chart for better understanding of Nutrient and Toxic Elements.

Private one-on-one consultations with Warren, for Healthcare Practitioners seeking support with:
– Expanding their practice and understanding of Functional Medicine
– Patient Case Review / Brainstorming
– Lab Test Interpretation
– Nutritional Medicine Prescription Possibilities
– Nutritional Compounding Formula Development & Techniques

Book a Professional Mentoring Consultation

To receive support in practice.

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