Achieving Personal Potential

The 4 Factors of Health

There Are Many Factors Affecting Your Health

But in order to comprehend each of their overall relevance, as well as begin tapping into their immense power to unleash more of your true personal potential, they need to be narrowed down into more manageable ‘bite-size‘ pieces.

I believe all these factors can be grouped into 4 primary categories (each with a handful of key ‘aspects’ (sub-factors) within them).

These are all highly fruitful areas for you to explore (and wherever possible, address) on your path to personal fulfillment and optimum health.

Not all can be addressed at once, and most are never ‘complete’.
(and therefore they each require consistent ongoing maintenance and awareness).

As a result, the task for us all is to gather the tools, skills and awareness we need, in order to address as many of these factors as is practically accessible to us at any given moment in time, for us to be at our ‘best’.

This is your optimum.

Between skills and awareness, it is awareness that must come first,
so here is a summary of the factors for you to review (click to expand):

The 4 Factors

  • Water – (Quality & Hydration)
  • Diet – (Food & Energy)
  • Cooking – (Food Prep & Dining)
  • Nutrients
  • Supplements
  • Air Quality
  • Toxins
  • Light Frequencies
  • Sound Frequencies
  • Other Frequencies (EMFs, Radiation)
  • People & Community
  • Breathing Pattern
  • Posture
  • Hygiene
  • Activity, Exercise & Movement
  • Physical Stress
  • Sleep & Rest
  • Outlook, Attitude & Expectations
  • Focus, Intention & Belief
  • ‘Growth’ Vs ‘Defense’
  • Mental & Emotional Stress
  • Happiness: (Purpose, Fulfillment & Satisfaction)

Your Potential


The Power of The Mind

* Clearly, your health is not just about what you do, eat or surround yourself with… it is also very much about what you think.

So much so, that it may just be the one thing that determines many of the effects of the other three.

For more on the psychological aspects that contribute to your wellbeing, it is highly recommended that you continue to explore the topic of Perspective.

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