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Compounding Calculator

Ever wanted to make your own custom Natural Medicines for your patients?
Ever wanted it to be easy?
This Compounding Calculator is a powerful clinical tool that makes this all possible!

Overview of Features

Extensive Database of Ingredients
(Most key Natural Medicine Ingredients are listed, for easily adding to a formula – inc. specific Australian brands)
Fully Customisable
(Add your own ingredients if desired)
Easily Tweak Formulas Over Time
(Save the formula as an encrypted file and re-load it at a later date for prescription renewals and adjustments)
Perform All Calculations ‘On-The-Fly’
(All mathematical calculations involved in formula compilation are performed automatically for you… instantly!)
Generate Compliant Prescriptions & Labels
(Produce a Prescription / Label straight from the calculator! – simply print and attach)
Maximise Value
(Easily save on ingredient costs and formula affordability with full price break-down and calculations)
Optimise Dosing
(Easily select Container and Serving Scoop sizes – for efficient and easy dosing)
Print Function for Compliant Archive
(The entire formula, prescription and label can be printed (even to PDF) and easily stored on file)


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Add an Ingredient to The Database

Compounding Calculator

Custom Natural Medicines Made Easy

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