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Warren Maginn

Functional Clinical Nutrition

“Nourishing Your Best Self Through Personalised & Functional Medicine”


The 4 Factors of Health

Discover the key factors that determine your wellbeing

“Because we all need a little NELP”


(All That
You Consume)

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(All That
Surrounds You)

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You Do)

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(All That You
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A holistic approach to health management that seeks to optimise your well-being by identifying and supporting your own unique diet, lifestyle and environmental needs, as well as address the root causes of any disturbances you experience, rather than merely symptoms, in order for you to look, feel and perform your very best… Read More…
The Paleo Diet is a way of living and eating that is aimed at bringing you in alignment with your own ancient genetic and ancestral roots, in order to bring about your fullest potential here in the present. There are many advocates with conflicting ideas around what constitutes true ‘Paleo’ principles, as well as there being many considerations and distinctions to be made when tailoring an appropriate diet and lifestyle for yourself’… Read More…
First find a supportive healthcare professional (or team of them) that can assist you in navigating your own health challenges and your desire to achieve a higher state of health and well-being. In this process you should always remain in the ‘driver seat’, and so also be willing to undergo a journey of exploration and learning, of both yourself and your nature as well as the science and the tools that are available to assist you in the constant unfolding of your best self… Read More…
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