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Warren Maginn

BHSc (Nutr. Med.), GradCert (Hum. Nutr.)
Functional Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and Educator

Warren is a Clinical Nutritionist who specialises in the treatment of chronic health concerns through the principles of Functional Medicine and a highly individualised approach to patient care.

Warren holds a bachelor degree in Nutritional Medicine as well as postgraduate qualifications in Human Nutrition and teaches bachelor students of Clinical Nutrition in Brisbane Australia.

Warren also acts as an international speaker and educator, supporting health practitioners in taking a personalised approach to patient care within integrative health management, as well as helping the general public to better understand some of the many factors determining optimum personal health.

Warren has provided commentary for national radio, television and web/podcast interviews on numerous topics related to modern health and chronic disease as part of his passion for empowering individuals with the skills, tools and awareness they need to maximise their own personal potential.

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About This Website

A Word From Warren

This website is intended to be a comprehensive resource for assisting you in expanding your knowledge, skills and the tools you use, in your never-ending journey of nurturing your own personal potential.

Throughout this site, you will encounter many factors that can be seen to influence the health of us all every single day.

In doing so we are not only able to develop practical guidelines for addressing them, but also to observe some of the universal natural laws that underpin them.

This enriched perspective and understanding can bring significant peace and meaning, and can be considered a welcome side-effect of living a life more in-line with your own personal nature.

It is with this perspective that we are perhaps all better equipped to separate fact from fiction as we navigate the ever conflicting diet, health and lifestyle advice found in the public arena today.

So that it might enable each of us to better identify the unique factors that affect us most as individuals, and therefore determine our own specific needs for achieving our own highest potential for health, happiness and harmony.

This is my wish for you.

To Your Very Best,

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