Achieving Personal Potential

Key Concepts

Why Are These Concepts So Important?

There are certain universal laws that can be seen to apply throughout our world, wherever we look.

So on the path to accessing more of our personal potential, it can naturally benefit us all greatly, if we can expand and develop our understanding and awareness of these laws and principles, and develop the skills necessary for getting ‘in line’ with them, to overcome any unnecessary obstacles to our best selves.

Balancing Perspective

Our perception of our reality, guides us in how we live each moment of our lives.

A Balanced Perspective Starts With Accurate Perceptions

A balanced perspective is therefore one of the fundamental keys to health.

To maximise our experience of this life and our own potential, we clearly need to maximise our capacity to form balanced and well founded perceptions.

We can do this by developing our general awareness and understanding through sound observations and personal exploration.

Natures Laws

Whilst we each have unique personal truths and perceptions that we hold within us, that shape who we are, and ‘where we are at’ in our lives, there are still overarching universal laws that can be seen to govern everything above all.

These are the basic natural laws that provide the structure to the rich tapestry of interactions that combine to form all of reality and its possibilities.

These fundamental laws of nature exist as principles that remain true whether we become consciously aware of them or not.

The laws of physics do not excuse our lack of awareness, if we stumble into a wall.

And rightly so, imagine what the world would be like, if the world was constantly moving to accommodate all the different whims, expectations and perceptions of every conscious individual.

There would be no existence, just an endless conflict of interests and expectations. Nothing could come into being, and most importantly there would be no impulse for growth and development, all would be simply yielded to.

This may sound obvious, but how often, in our modern self-focused lives do we really stop to acknowledge and accept this fact.
Doing this can not only help us stop wasting a lot of energy, it can often break us through into a higher level of satisfaction and appreciation.

So It’s Up To You

It is up to each of us to develop and increase our own awareness and perceptions, to achieve increasing harmony with the true nature of things, and therefore ourselves, and then ultimately each other.

We each have a personal responsibility, to ourselves and the world, for our own health and development.

“Understanding, and the action proceeding from understanding, is the one medicine, the one instrument, by which liberty, health, and joy may be shaped, in the individual, and the race.”
James Agee


Here is an exploration of some of the fundamental elements and principles that underpin the nature of our world.

It might be useful to keep an understanding of these in mind when exploring any information that you expect to help you in your pursuit of your best you:

1. Energy

The Flame That Ignites All Life & Motion

• All matter is composed of energy
(Every atom is simply an arrangement of energetic charge)
(Energy is both the structure, and the fuel, behind all things)

• Energy is never lost or gained
(It simply interacts and is redistributed)

• All energy involves vibration.
(The vibration between the two opposing attributes it is comprised of)

• Each vibration has its own frequency
(The rate at which it oscillates between those two states)

• This volatility provides the stimulus for all life
(Otherwise all matter would be lifeless and frozen in stillness)

• All energy is balanced through flow
(Energy is therefore by definition dynamic and must be allowed to flow freely if it is to remain in balance).

• So we, and all life, are made from (and powered by) pure energy, and are in the constant flow and exchange of this energy.

• All life on earth derives this energy originally from the Sun.

Understanding Energy

All human cultures have sought to identify and describe the nature of pure energy.

Modern western culture has become familiar with it in quite impersonal terms, such as ‘electricity’ (power), and ‘kinetics’ (motion). Yet many scientists would struggle to give you a clear explanation of what the ‘raw’ energy behind electricity actually is (and no,  simply more elaborate descriptions of things such as ‘electron charges’, still do not get to the heart of the profound meaning of things). Therefore any answer invariably involves some personal beliefs, perceptions and philosophies about the nature of the universe.

All around the globe however, ancient cultures have observed energy as it relates to living things, and have given it many names. Such as ‘Chi or Qi’ in the East, ‘Prana’ in the subcontinent, ‘Num’ in Africa, ‘Mana’ in the Pacific Islands, etc.. and yet all can be broadly translated as a ‘Vital Force’, (despite most of these cultures developing their sense of the world in complete isolation from each other)

It is clearly a fundamental and universal concept, that is common to us all.

Today in the West, as we move into a new era of potentially unprecedented scientific understanding, where we are integrating past wisdom with modern knowledge, we too are now finding this Vital Force increasingly apparent (and fundamentally relevant to us), using terms such as ‘vibrant’ and ‘vitality’ more and more in modern popular language when referring to health and wellbeing (hopefully not so much in a pretentious way, but rather as a means of simply addressing the less quantifiable aspects we can all see to be at play within the dynamic interactions that allow for our physical bodies, relationships and environments to thrive and function).

2. Balance As The Optimum

Balance is both the definition of existence, as well as its optimum state.


• Provides the duality required for all ‘reality’ to exist
(The existence of anything is defined by its relative position somewhere between two opposing, yet complementary, states or forces – such as is described in eastern philosophy as the opposing attributes of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’)

• Powers the phenomena of ‘Entropy’
(All nature seeks to dissipate back to a state of disassembled equilibrium – All elements in nature are re-consumed in an unending cycle of breaking down, and rebuilding, from the same elements).

• Is the real ‘secret’ behind the ‘Laws Of Attraction’
(To achieve balance, different and complimentary energies tend to be attracted to each other. Whilst energies of similar orientation tend to ‘clash’, repelling each other so as to dissipate away from any accumulation that would result in imbalance)

• Defines all Volatility
(The greater the imbalance, the greater the force involved in rectifying it)

Good Vs Bad

Whenever something is referred to as ‘Positive’ or ‘Negative’, technically this is simply a description of its basic nature:

Positive characteristics are: Adding, imposing, expanding, donating, … etc.
Negative characteristics are: Subtracting, yielding, contracting, receiving, … etc.

So despite how we use these terms in day-to-day speech, it should be noted that neither are intrinsically ‘bad’ or ‘good’ in actuality, because both are equally required in a given context to create the overall balance that facilitates any harmonious whole.

Redefining Good & Bad

Since ‘balance’ is what is required for anything to remain in existence (e.g. survive), it is perhaps the only thing that can really ever be said to be ‘good’ (i.e. desirable), and so inversely, ‘imbalance’ is the only thing that can ever be truly regarded as ‘bad’ (i.e. undesirable).

Although it should be noted that any opinion of what is desirable, is always an artifact of the subjective perception of whatever being is seeking to maintain their own interests or survival through it.

All of nature will simply unfold according to the laws of balance, without regarding any ‘extremes’ as being any ‘better’ than another.

Greater extremes will simply involve greater force being involved to rectify them (back to equilibrium).

The Optimum State is therefore in fact the most Balanced State

There is a natural human desire for extremes, especially in the modern world:
i.e. where more, bigger, brighter, faster etc… are all often considered to be ‘better’.

However, just as Newton’s 3rd law of motion states that for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction, so too, for every ‘excess’ there must be an equal ‘deficit’.

Yet despite this we often pursue excesses of the things that we desire, (whilst ignoring or complaining about the inevitable cost involved in obtaining them).

As a result, we often find the concept of balance to imply ‘blandness’, ‘mediocrity’, ‘average’, as if being moderate and balanced, means to be ‘held back’ and to be left with less in some way.

But it can readily be seen that we are in fact, at our strongest and at our peak performance, when we are in balance!

So we can perhaps all benefit from a renewed appreciation of the fact that our most balanced state (i.e. with the fewest excesses and deficiencies) is actually our most efficient and vibrant… THIS is our optimum state.

In fact, it is perhaps the only truly ‘best’ (most desirable) state for anything (that seeks its own survival) to be in.

In Summary:
To be ‘in balance’ is to be at ‘peak potential.

Slow & Steady Wins…

Therefore, despite our modern addiction to speed and excess, any actions that are fast and forceful will naturally (at least momentarily) yield imbalance.

Whilst ‘fast and forceful’ may occasionally be warranted to balance out an equally severe opposite imbalance (e.g. blowing off steam through intense exercise after being inactive for too long), it could be considered highly desirable for us to minimise what extreme imbalances are allowed to occur in the first place. (e.g. such as avoiding being overly sedentary in the first place – just as much as over-exercising through exercise addiction)

(To spare us the instability and discomfort of the rectification that nature will ultimately require to resolve them, whether abruptly or slowly).

Therefore we are perhaps best served by seeking less volatility in our lives and are most productive when bringing about sustainable change through gradual transitions.

Everything in balance, ensures everything compensates (and allows) for the existence of everything else.

N.B. Balance is therefore contextual.
Which is one of the reasons why so much conflicting health advice exists, and why following guidelines that were right for one person may be the opposite for another.

3. Diversity

Nothing Is Sustainable Without Uniqueness

• All distinct elements (of sufficiently complex systems), tend to develop increasing diversity and uniqueness within them (Divergence).

• This diversity is required to bring sustainability and stability to the whole system.
(so that empty niches are constantly filled as they emerge, by those elements with the most suitable properties – aka ‘nature abhors a vacuum’)

• And this means us!
(We too, are all subtly unique (physically, emotionally and energetically) and therefore any useful approach to healthcare and lifestyle optimisation must acknowledge this individuality)

• We each have an ideal context with which to find ourselves in.
(An optimum set of circumstances and mode of being that supports, develops and encourages our most optimum form and function)

• Our individuality means we each have unique attributes to contribute to the world.

Diversity Is Key!
Often the more genetically similar two parents are, the less robust and healthy their offspring. This is at least partly due to the limited variety of features being made available to accommodate all potential demands on them.

So the more variety and diversity we can cultivate in our bodies and in our minds, (both as individuals and as a society as a whole), the more resilience we will enjoy.

‘Roundedness Creates Balance’

We would all do well to avoid getting latched onto rigid and repetitive thoughts, habits, actions, surroundings etc.
Cultivate diversity:
– in yourself (your nature)
– in your environment (your surroundings)
– in your lifestyle (your habits)
to achieve your highest resilience.

4. Interconnectedness

Entanglement: Nothing Is Truly Separate

• All things are literally connected by the web of energy that ‘matter’ is.

• All natural systems involve synergy.
(Meaning the whole system is greater in power, capability and potential than the sum total of its individual parts)

• All things rely on their inter-relatedness with all other things, to exist.

• The ‘Macrocosm’ is often a reflection of the ‘Microcosm’ (and vice versa).
(As the saying goes: ‘As above, so is below’ – The governing laws and principles of nature tend to apply on all levels, so that on no matter what level you chose to observe them, you will find the same repeating rules or patterns emerge)


We are all capable of experiencing true happiness,
and the fulfillment of our highest potential.

• We all share some common human needs to achieve health, happiness and harmony.
• Yet we also, each have additional more specific and unique needs, in order to reach our own personal potential.

• We are each the creators of our own health and life experience.
• We should therefore always remain empowered in the maintenance of our own health and wellbeing.

• Any health and lifestyle optimisation guidance that will truly make change over time, will come simply through empowerment, information and tools, to help you develop awareness, habits and skills.

• And each of these MUST be individualised if they are to truly bring you closer to your own true potential.

So What Do We Need To Be Healthy?

Whenever Centenarians (people who have lived to be over 100 years old) from around the world have been asked what their secret to longevity is, their answer is very often along the same lines…

The secret to a long and healthy life has often been said to be:
“The right diet, and a relaxed way of life”

This is probably the worst kept secret… its just common sense right?
Well why aren’t we all living long happy and healthy lives then?
The problem seems to lie in determining exactly what each of these factors actually entail.

What exactly is the ‘right’ diet?
What exactly is a ‘relaxed’ way of life?

We are clearly going to have to start learning to determine these for ourselves.
Then all that will be left to do, is those things that bring these about in your life, to ensure that you reach your own true potential.

Humans & History

An Evolutionary Perspective

The most important consideration when trying to assess what a human needs for health and happiness is perhaps a clear perspective on the nature of our being and the natural history that has led to us being here.

Since it stands to reason, that if we can ensure we retain the crucial aspects of our ancestral diet and lifestyle, the closer we will match the form and function we have long adapted to being.

From this, we will embody our fullest potential, in harmony with our past yet sustainably progressing into our future, as individuals, and as a society.

So What Are We?

The True Nature Of Our Being

In simple terms, we are each a complex system.
(A complex system with multiple levels to our being)

Body, Mind … etc.

And so there are multiple levels to our health also.

Growth or Defense

But overall, we have essentially only one of two modes these can be in at any one time.

Each of these levels (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic…) has its own way of being in either Growth or Defense, and cannot be in both at the same time.

We can therefore only aspire to keep each level of our being spending an equal amount of time in each of these two states as possible (overall) in order to be in balance and therefore at our ‘optimum’.

Our Common Needs

For us to be happy and healthy, the briefest summary of our needs would be:

• Clean Air
• Clean Water
• A Nourishing Diet (appropriate to the individual and circumstances)
• Regular Movement
• Sufficient Exposure to Sunlight
• Adequate Sleep and Rest
• Emotional Harmony
• Supportive Relationships
• A Meaningful Purpose (Fulfillment)

These needs have remained unchanged for thousands of years. In fact they are perhaps more relevant in today’s world than ever. As it can be clearly seen that the many illnesses occurring in modern life, are attributable to the increasing ways we are able create obstructions to these basic natural needs.

No matter whether it is from the pollution of our environment and ourselves, the consumption of an unnatural, denatured diet, or a departure from joy and balance in our way of life, all can be observed to cause stifling of the body’s own natural strength, purpose and vitality.

So What Can We Do For Ourselves?


Since our bodies are, in essence, simply a complex arrangement of energy, and the vast majority of it occurs as water, we are far from the solid and tangible beings we think we are.

We are actually far more fluid and dynamic than we are often prepared to accept.

Our physical body is constantly maintaining and replacing itself (cell by cell), and therefore if given what it requires, it’s powers of regeneration and recovery are truly remarkable and often underestimated.

So, achieving this optimum condition involves recovering and developing our skills, instincts and awareness, to identify those factors that are limiting us most.

Note: It is important that we embrace all personal change with a sense of positive empowerment and at our own pace, fully integrating any new skills and awareness into our day-to-day lives before moving on. This will ensure true and lasting shift in your being, and not merely a passing phase of short term novelty or discipline.

There are no shortcuts to making true and lasting change and despite the fact that this does not satisfy our modern expectations for quick and easy ‘silver bullet’ solutions, it stands to reason that the more aspects of our being that are successfully addressed, mastered and generally brought into balance, the more robust health and vitality can be enjoyed by anyone!

By allowing more and more of your unique needs for balance and ongoing development to be met, optimum health and vitality are simply the natural result.

This is your birth right…  start reclaiming it today!

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