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Professional Support Consultations

Do you want some support in your Functional Medicine Practice?

What I Can Provide Here:

Answer General Questions about Functional Medicine practice – (inc. Lab Testing, Nutritional Compounding, and Admin).
Review EXAMPLE Lab Test Reports – (to better understand your clinical testing options).
Review SPECIFIC Lab Test Reports from a Patient of yours – (to better understand the factors to be addressed in their case).
Review Nutritional Prescriptions for potential comments or insights – (to assist you with further improvements or alternatives).

What I Cannot Provide Here:

Co-Treatment – (while insights and recommendations may be shared, the responsibility for your patient’s care will remain with you)
Personal Treatment Advice for you – (this would require you to be registered as a patient, with personal consultation booking)

How To Book

Note: You must be logged-in with a Practitioner Membership, before you can book a professional appointment.
(If you are eligible, and have not already done so, you can signup for Practitioner Membership here)

Steps Procedure


Complete the Booking Form below:
– Enter your personal details.
– Select what type/length of appointment you feel is most appropriate for what you require.
– Select the next available date and time slot that you can commit to.
– Provide a brief summary of what you would like to discuss.
– Specify what supportive information you can provide to assist our discussion.
– Upload any files containing this information.
– Read and Agree to the Terms of Consultation.
– Enter Your Payment Details to secure your booking.
– Submit your booking.


Your Appointment will be set to ‘Pending‘ until it has been reviewed.
(You can review the status of all your appointments in your My Account dashboard)


Your Appointment will then be reviewed, before being confirmed.
(You will receive a confirmation by email)
Note: If your appointment is declined (such as for availability or suitability reasons), it does not necessarily mean your request was not valid or worthwhile. And a full refund will be provided in this case, along with any appropriate referrals.


Your Appointments can then be viewed in your My Account dashboard at any time, ongoing.

Note: If you have an unforeseen reason to need to change your appointment time, you can use the contact page to request the change (if you have given at least 7 days notice).

PRIVACY PROMISE: All information you provide will be kept private and secure.

Conducting Your Call

Steps Procedure


Prepare to have any materials you’ll need on-hand for the call (having completed any additional forms/info requested).


As your appointment time approaches, be at your computer (or smartphone), with a stable internet connection.
(With some headphones and a microphone connected, in order to hear and speak)


You will receive a special meeting link (via email) a few minutes before your call,
(which you can simply click on to enter the voice call – no phone numbers required).
The meeting platform may take a brief moment to launch an app the first time you use it.
Once the call is complete you can simply close the app.

Practitioner Access Required To Make Bookings

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