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Blood Test Results Calculator

Ever wondered how to get more out of your Lab Results?
How can you make your blood test interpretations as thorough and efficient as possible?
The ‘Interpretron’ is a powerful clinical tool that makes this possible, by putting it all in one place!

Key Features

Extensive List of Blood Tests
(Most key blood test analytes are included, in one powerful dashboard)
Analyte Overviews
(Detailed reference summaries are provided for each analyte to assist with ongoing education)
Optimum Reference Ranges
(In addition to convetional ranges, Warren’s ‘Optimum’ reference ranges are provided for each test)
Fully Customisable
(All range values can be edited/customised, if desired)
Track Results Over Time
(Patient results can be entered for up to 12 separate test dates)
Convert Units ‘On-The-Fly’
(Results can be easily entered from any country/lab source)
Color Coded Flagging
(Patient results are flagged as High or Low, according to severity, if out of either reference ranges)
‘Quick Click’ Insights
(Any High or Low results can be clicked to show possible indications and suggestions)
(saving you hours of research by putting all the key information in one place, when it’s needed)
Complex Indications Summary
(Cross-referencing algorithms calculate ratios and detect key imbalances, even if all results appear to be within Optimum Ranges! This provides a key 3rd layer of analysis that may be the most powerful to making personalised clinical insights)
File Save/Load Function
(Inputs and Results can be securely saved to an encrypted data file and reloaded at a later date)
(This saves time, allows secure storage, gathering test results over time, and saving preferred custom settings/inputs)
Print Function
(Results can be printed to PDF or paper for giving to patients, referring practitioners or storing on file)


1. You must Login to your account to access the calculator.

2. Click ‘Take a Tour‘ to see an overview of how to use each section of the App.

You can enter results for up to 12 separate dates (columns).
You can click on the ‘notepad‘ icon to learn more information about each analyte (including unit equivalences).
You can click on the ‘pen‘ icon to make your own comments about a given analyte or patient results (for future reference).
You can customise the optimised reference ranges to reflect your own clinical experience and preferences.
You can review key Ratio Calculations at the bottom of the calculator (by entering enough results values).

The ‘Interpretron’

Efficient Analysis of Blood Chemistry Test Results

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Blood Test Interpretation Calculator Preview

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