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Go Sober for October – The Simplified Guide To A Balanced Diet


Go Sober for October – The Simplified Guide To Balance

Having lived in the UK for a few years, the emphasis on alcohol in daily life there always struck me (and I guess my liver), especially when Australians were always regarded as the most unreasonably preoccupied and excessive drinkers in the world.

Which may in some cases still indeed be fair, but I found the UK based ‘Go Sober for October’ Wellbeing campaign a particularly worthy cause for putting some pressure back in the opposite direction of all that ‘social normification’. Which may, at its heart, not always be so harmless, especially to one’s most vibrant personal potential. (Not to mention the social support for those who need to make this life choice for existing health reasons, such as cancer, etc.).

So in an attempt to offer some very basic advice to those that might be very new to this perspective (and what alternatives life can offer), here is a brief summary of some of my most favorite ‘essential’ nutrients, presented in a very approachable (and ‘digestible’) form for Go Sober Wellbeing UK.

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