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Personal Health Consultations

Do you have questions?
Do you have complex and persistent health challenges?
Do you want some biochemical lab testing to find out what’s going on inside you and what you might need?
Do you want to avoid unnecessary supplements and receive a personalised nutritional formula tailored specifically for your needs?
Or do you simply want to speak with a qualified nutritionist about what diet & lifestyle might work best for you?

You can apply to become a Patient of Warren.
(in order to be able to book personal consultations)

Simply login and complete the application form at the bottom of this page.

The form asks you to provide your personal details, some of your current health status and history, as well as what you would like to achieve with Warren, and the times you might be available.

Applications are subject to availability and suitability requirements, and therefore acceptance of your application cannot be guaranteed.


What can Functional Clinical Nutrition help with?

Personalised Diet & Lifestyle Advice for your own optimum wellbeing.

Especially supporting:
– Allergies, Immune Imbalances and Inflammation
– Weight Management, Metabolic Health and Energy Production
– Nutrient Deficiencies, Toxic Burdens and Detoxification
– Cognitive Health and Hormone Balance.

What does a consultation involve?

First, a detailed personal assessment and background history, sometimes including certain laboratory tests to determine individual needs and gather further details of body function and causes indicated in the course of private clinical consultation.

Personalised diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations are then offered on the basis of these investigations and an ongoing maintenance/assessment plan is put in place to achieve any goals identified in a time frame suitable to the circumstances.

Functional Testing

(aka Functional Pathology)
Warren specialises in Functional Pathology Testing, and considers it an essential part of taking a truly holistic, individualised and evidence-based approach to healthcare.

Explore this site for more information about Functional Testing.

How long will it take?

First Appointments:
Usually take around 1.5-2 hours to get established with a thorough case history and commencement of some prescriptive advice.

Functional Testing:
Can take at least a couple of weeks for results to arrive back.

Standard Followup Appointments:
Usually last around 45min-1 hour – to review your case and provide further progression.

Depending on the nature, complexity and severity of any health challenges it is important to note that addressing the true cause of disturbances often creates a longer lasting and more true resolution, however it also takes longer to achieve, sometimes days or weeks, but often months are required on a given program before peak results can be achieved. So it is important to approach such remedies as committed lifestyle changes if the results are expected to be deep and lasting.

1. Initial consultations will usually last around 1.5 hours,
(to allow proper evaluation and establishment of your personal case).
2. Followup appointments will tend to be close to an hour,
(for continued review and development of your case).
3. A 30min ‘Check-in’ can sometimes be arranged when only a few brief queries/adjustments need to be made.

Please specify your requirements when enquiring.

How much will it cost?

Due to changes in Warren’s availability, inclusions and the unique needs of certain individuals, please make contact to discuss your particular needs and the applicable charges.

Once established as a Patient, the base cost of all appointments will be clearly stated at the time of booking, in order for you to make an appropriate selection.

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