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Decoding Gut Testing

Comparing Stool Analysis Options


Tues 4th May 2021

BRIS: 6:30pm
SYD/MEL: 6:30pm
ADEL: 6:00pm
PERTH: 4:30pm
NZ: 8:30pm

90 min (inc. QnA)

Ticket Price: $49
Event Special: $25!
Prac Members: Access Included

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What Do Tests Really Uncover?
Clarifying the purpose and nature of stool testing.

What Constitutes a Clinical Test?
Exploring the use cases that change patient outcomes.

How Do We Detect Organisms?
How to obtain the level of accuracy and detail we need.

How To Characterise Dysbiosis?
How can we make the term ‘dysbiosis’ specific and trackable.

Beyond Organisms
How to make sense of chemistries.

How To Read Reports
Better understand report notations and indications.



Warren is a Clinical Nutritionist and Educator specialising in Nutritional Compounding and Functional Lab Testing.

Warren is passionate about taking a personalised approach to patient care, and supporting fellow healthcare practitioners, as well as the general public, to gain greater wellbeing, and more personal potential, through the principles of evidence-based Functional Nutrition.


Who Should Attend?

All healthcare practitioners (and students) who would like to know more about the many stool testing options available, the technology involved in each, and how the benefits and limitations of each can impact clinical outcomes.

What Will Be Covered?

An exploration of major stool testing technologies, their pros and cons, what they are capable of uncovering, and how these factors relates to the clinical insights that are needed for changing patient outcomes – so that you know which technology to use for which goal.

Guidance to assist effective understanding of test results and how to determine severity of dysbiosis in a consistent and standardised way (along with other common gut conditions and pathologies), in order to accurately and effectively monitor changes over time, and therefore assess the effectiveness of various treatment regimens.

What Will You Need To Attend?

1. A computer with stable broadband internet connection.
2. Speakers or headphones for clear audio.

Note: Whilst it will be possible to connect via a mobile device, it is highly recommended that you use a browser window on your computer for full visibility, discussion capability, and reliability during the event.

Will A Recording Be Available?

For 7 days after the event, a recording will be accessible to paid registrants.

Ongoing access will be available to Practitioner Subscription Members (as part of their Practitioner Member’s resource toolkit).
(see more about Practitioner membership here)

Note: Live viewing will be required to view and participate in the live QnA.

Will Notes Be Provided?

Yes, a presentation handout will be provided to you as a digital file (at the time of the webinar).

Will CPE Points Be Awarded?

Natural Medicine Practitioners conventionally receive 1 CPE point per 1 hour of education and training engaged in.

This webinar will therefore provide 1-2 CPE points on this basis (depending how much material is engaged with).

(Please see your particular association for clarifications on how best to record your attendance of such events)

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