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Compounding In Practice

A Practical Guide To Nutritional Compounding


Tues 18th Oct 2022

BRIS: 6pm
SYD/MEL: 7pm
ADEL: 6:30pm
PERTH: 4pm
NZ: 9pm

90 min (inc. QnA)

Ticket Price: $59
Event Special: $29!
Prac Members: Access Included

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Getting Ready To Compound
Clarify the specific items required to properly set up your practice for compounding.

Knowing The Process
Follow the practical step-by-step process of compounding.

Tips and Tricks to Optimise
Discover the specialised tools and systems for successful compounding.

Integrating Into Business
Maximise the financial benefits to both practice and patient.

Securing Legal Protections
Know your rights and obligations at all stages and secure practice.



Warren is a Clinical Nutritionist and Educator specialising in Nutritional Compounding and Functional Lab Testing.

Warren is passionate about taking a personalised approach to patient care, and supporting fellow healthcare practitioners, as well as the general public, to gain greater wellbeing, and more personal potential, through the principles of evidence-based Functional Nutrition.


Who Should Attend?

All healthcare practitioners (and students) who have completed the ‘Compounding 101’ introductory course and would like to go to the next step and get their hands dirty, and are looking for more practical guidance on how to optimally carry out each of the physical steps involved in incorporating nutritional compounding into everyday clinical practice.

What Will Be Covered?

A review of recommended tools and equipment to help prepare practitioners for successful clinical compounding, as well as an exploration of key concepts, tips and tricks, followed by practical demonstrations of key methods and techniques required to optimise the process.

This presentation is intended to increase confidence, boost efficiency, and ultimately help make the full power of compounding an accessible reality within every practitioner’s daily practice.

What Will You Need To Attend?

1. A computer with stable broadband internet connection.
2. Speakers or headphones for clear audio.
3. A willingness to get your hands dirty (and start compounding after watching the webinar)

Note: Whilst it will be possible to connect via a mobile device, it is highly recommended that you use a desktop internet browser for full visibility, discussion capability, and reliability during the event.

Will A Recording Be Available?

For 7 days after the event, a recording will be accessible to paid registrants.

Ongoing access will be available to Practitioner Subscription Members (as part of their Practitioner Member’s resource toolkit).
(see more about Practitioner membership here)

Note: Live viewing will be required to view and participate in the live QnA.

Will Notes Be Provided?

Some visual resources may be made available for download during the presentation, however due to the practical nature of this presentation please note that conventional slide notes may not be available.

Will CPE Points Be Awarded?

Natural Medicine Practitioners conventionally receive 1 CPE point per 1 hour of education and training engaged in.

This webinar will therefore provide 1-2 CPE points on this basis (depending how much material is engaged with).

(Please see your particular association for clarifications on how best to record your attendance of such events)

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