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Mastering Metabolism

Optimising Blood Sugar Control, Body Composition, and Longevity


Tues 21 May 2024

BRIS: 6:30pm
SYD/MEL: 6:30pm
ADEL: 6:00pm
PERTH: 4:30pm
NZ: 8:30pm

1 Hour + QnA

Ticket Price: $49
Event Special: $25
Prac Members: Access Included


Which Mechanisms Matter Most?
Exploring the key metabolic mechanisms that determine our health, function and life span.

Metabolic Complications
What goes wrong? (Adiposity, PCOS, CVD, Cognitive Decline, etc.)

How Is Metabolic Health Assessed?
Gaining metabolic insights from common clinical lab tests.

Conventional Treatments
Analysing the safety, efficacy and implications of conventional metabolic treatments.

Developing Powerful Prescriptions
Discover novel and effective natural strategies for supporting optimum metabolism and ageing.



Clinical Nutritionist and Educator specialising in Custom Nutritional Prescribing and Functional Lab Testing.

Warren is passionate about taking a personalised approach to patient care, and supporting fellow healthcare practitioners, as well as the general public, to gain greater wellbeing, and more personal potential, through the principles of evidence-based Functional Nutrition.


Who Should Attend?

All healthcare practitioners (and clinical students) in Australia and New Zealand who could benefit from gaining greater insights into metabolic health, as well as novel strategies to treat, manage and optimise personal health goals and clinical outcomes, over both short and long term time frames.

What Will Be Covered?

An overview of the key processes that influence the aging of tissues and cells, contribute to balance of muscle and fat mass, determine the functional performance and capacity of both body and mind over time, and support healthy hormone balance and fertility.

Common clinical conditions relevant to this discussion:
– Chronic Fatigue
– Central Adiposity
– Metabolic Syndrome
– Diabetes
– PCOS & Reduced Fertility
– Immune / Inflammatory Conditions
– Cardiovascular Disease
– Accelerated Ageing
– Cognitive Decline
– and many more

A variety of natural treatment strategies now exist to help support optimum metabolic function and slow the rate of age-related degeneration.

This discussion will seek to identify some of the most potent and exciting clinical compounds available only to health practitioners (to augment the existing diet and lifestyle advice commonly given in relation to these widespread health concerns), to help ensure a broad and diverse clinical tool kit that provides maximum efficacy and support.

Will A Recording Be Available?

For 7 days after the event, a recording will be accessible to paid registrants.

Ongoing access will be available to Practitioner Subscription Members (as part of their Practitioner Member’s resource toolkit).
(see more about Practitioner membership here)

Note: Live viewing will be required to view and participate in the live QnA.

Will Notes Be Provided?

Yes, a presentation handout will be provided digitally (at the time of the webinar).

Will CPE Points Be Awarded?

Natural Medicine Practitioners conventionally receive 1 CPE point per 1 hour of education and training engaged in.

This webinar will therefore provide 1-2 CPE points on this basis (depending how much material is engaged with).

(Please see your particular association for clarifications on how best to record your attendance of such events)

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