Warren Maginn Nutrition
The Secrets of Food Reactions
Understanding, Detecting & Addressing The Many Types of Food Reactions

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Tues June 25th 2019

BRIS: 6:00pm
SYD/MEL: 6:00pm
ADEL: 5:30pm
PERTH: 4:00pm
NZ: 8:00pm

90 min (+ Q&A)

Ticket Price: FREE


1. What’s The Difference Between Allergy, Sensitivity & Intolerance?
Because they are not the same.
2. What Are The Implications Of Each To Health?
What they could mean about your past, present & future.
3. Why Is Their Prevalence Increasing?
More is clearly needed to stem the tide.
4. Which Test is Best For Each?
Getting accurate and valid information is key.
5. Why Is There So Much Confusion?
Avoid pitfalls, misunderstandings & missed opportunities.
6. What Can We Do About Them?
Know functional strategies to address them.
7. Live QnA with Warren
Join discussion and have your questions answered.

Warren Maginn


Warren is a Clinical Nutritionist and Educator specialising in Functional and Integrative Healthcare.

Warren is passionate about taking a personalised approach to patient care, and supporting fellow healthcare practitioners as well as the general public to gain greater wellbeing, and more personal potential, through the principles of evidence-based Functional Nutrition.


Who Should Attend?

Any healthcare practitioners (or students and informed health-conscious individuals), seeking to better understand the many types of food reactions becoming so prevalent today.

Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to confidently and effectively investigate and tackle the increasing wave of food reactions presenting in our patients and loved ones.

What Will Be Covered?

A detailed overview of the (often misunderstood) mechanisms that drive each of the key types of food reactions, to help categorise various clinical symptoms and risks more appropriately.

A thorough review of the many laboratory testing methods available, along with an assessment of their suitability for each type of reaction (including an explanation of the challenges that face certain methods and their clinical validity).

Based on the underlying mechanisms, and valid laboratory analyses, conclusions can then be dawn on the health implications of each type of reaction, and the primary therapeutic treatment strategies and goals that may best assist with addressing them.

What Will You Need To Attend?

1. A computer with stable broadband internet connection.
2. Speakers or headphones for clear audio.
Note: Whilst mobile device connectivity is possible, viewing with your desktop computer is recommended for optimum functionality and experience.

Will A Recording Be Available?

A recording will be made available to all Practitioner Members as part of their ongoing Practitioner member’s resource toolkit.
(see more details of Practitioner membership here, and review some of the current existing tools and resources in the Practitioner’s Dashboard here)
(Note: Live viewing will be required to access and participate in the Q&A)


A Recording Is Available To Practitioner Members

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